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Our Story

In 2013, after working in a clinical therapy practice, Gavin set out on his own journey and began New Energy Therapy. A private practice based in Clondalkin, Dublin which originally specialized in deep tissue message and dry needling, New energy therapy was born and has thrived since.

Gavin started to notice a trend amongst the New Energy Therapy Clients. Some people presenting for treatment of physical symptoms seemed to be also bearing emotional stress and anxiety. This led to additional training and in 2020 New Energy Therapy started offering services for both the mind and body.

Since 2020 New Energy Therapy has gone from strength to strength offering both body and mind therapy approaches. This growth has now given New Energy Therapy the opportunity to expand and we are very privileged to have the expertise of additional therapists join the team from September 2023.

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Meet Our Team


Gavin Healy




Dry Needling


Sabine Bossert Tomé




Indian Head Massage

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